Rani Float - PEACH in 240 ml Tin Can

RANI was launched in 1982 as a brand of AUJAN-Coca Cola INDUSTRIES, DUBAI.

Refreshing the Middle East for over a quarter of century. It has a unique way of making the juice smooth. Rani has experienced tremendous growth and it is sold in many countries like UAE, Egypt, KSA, Algeria, Sri Lanka, INDIA and others.

Rani Float uses real fruit pieces, also known as 'Chunks'. At the bottom of the can, you will see SHAKE WELL. This will make the juice more delicious. Rani float has Vitamin C and other things like protein and calcium.

A fresh concept in JUICES, Rani’s unique recipe of smooth juice and real fruit pieces, or chunks has proved a winning combination.





240 ml


24 Tin Cans per Case

Country of Origin

UAE, Dubai

Expiry Date

1 Year