Quality Assurance Service provided by Safa Marwah Inc.

Safa Marwah has name in the Rice Industry with specialization in Indian Basmati Rice. We cater the whole Middle Eastern market and provide the cross border Rice inspection services.
We provide the quality assurance and inspection services to selected quality concerned basmati rice buyer’s which made our company a pioneer in rice industry. Our dedicated team member take care of the product starting from Paddy, throughout the milling process and finally to the port of destination. The team ensures that the end product meets the buyer's specification and set parameter. Also ensures that specified packaging and safe loading of cargo into the vessel.
These services are highly demanding and very challenging in Basmati rice trade. Our company has always adopted the professional approach with honesty and integrity to offer the best services.
Customer satisfaction is out top priority and we at Safa Marwah are committed to provide the quality product that are the best available in terms of quality and services.

Quality Standard & Policy

We are dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement for both customers and employees. Our responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and measurements, the level of quality exceeds our customers’ expectations.
We develop quality awareness through process improvements, training, measurements, and development of our employees. Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world-class products and customer service. Our quality process includes:

- Verifying and validating existing and new program functions.
- Researching improvements that add to the quality of our products.
- Helping to define and improve our products through involvement with our employees and our customers.
- Conducting internal quality audits and management review for an ongoing evaluation and improvement of our quality system.
Our quality planning includes tooling and process development, a product specific control plan and a training matrix for all employees, and verification and validation of all products prior to being shipped to our customers.

Rice Processing, Packing and Inspection (Pre-Packing Inspection)

Sampling & Schedule Intimation
Get 1kg sample from vendor, test in lab and give approval before packing
Get email or fax from vendor on packing schedule
Assign Inspection team at vendor site for quality check
Packing Space Inspection
Before packing starts, our Inspector visits factory, assess the correctness of packing material, Rice and readiness of packing area in terms of Hygiene and cleanliness
Supplier to ensure that packing is not done from Rice lying on the floor
Packing area should be free from any breakable glass object, foot wears, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, bidis(cigars), lose cloths, scarfs, rodents and weevils.
Roof, floor and walls should be clear and clean from any dust/dirt/spit/remnants of packing material/husk deposits/fungus/spiders/cobwebs and birds.
Packing Plant Line Inspection & Pre-requisites
Packing Plant Inspection Checks:
1. In line destoner
2. In line metal detector & magnet removal system
3. In line sizer for removing immature grains
4. In line color sortex machine
5. Auto weighing machine
6. Check & verify accuracy of weighing machine by weighing random bags.


  • Agreement between Safa Marwah & the buyer on the quality of Indian Rice, specification and packing finalized by him
  • Agreement between Safa Marwah & with Indian Rice miller who will supply the rice, for the rice quality inspection

There are 4 stages for quality inspection of rice :

1. Inspection of rice at the rice mill before loading from factory

  • Safa Marwah quality team supervise the entire processing of the rice at the mill
  • Do the rice sample analysis as per buyer’s specification
  • Supervise the loading of rice for Indian port of shipment
  • Arrange the rice sample for analysis at laboratory in New Delhi-India

2. Inspection of rice at the port of shipment

  • Safa Marwah quality team supervise the unloading of rice at port warehouse
  • Cross-check that special plastic security seals are intact
  • Arrange the rice sample for analysis at laboratory in New Delhi-India
  • Approves shipment of the approved rice cargo

3. Inspection rice at the Indian laboratory based in New Delhi

  • Laboratory is fully equipped with all rice testing and analyzing equipments
  • Do the sample analysis at all stages and make their report
  • Get the approval on the final report from quality head and the owner of the company

4. Get the quality certificate issued from the concerned authority

  • Safa Marwah Inc. issues the quality assurance certificate with signature of the company MD.
  • This certifies that all specific requirement of the buyer are met as per required

Sorting Procedure

The sorting range is suitable for processors who demand the highest in rice quality, offering precision sorting to maximise yields and increase profits.

Raw rice sorting: Basmati rice, black rice, broken rice and brown rice. It can effectively removes both typical and challenging defects and foreign material; discoloured grains, chalky grains, bran streaks, sticks, stones and unwanted foreign seeds, leaving the finished sort, clean and safe.
White rice sorting: We can sort out red, yellow and green grains, chalky rice, discolored and immature rice, black spotted grains with spot less than 0.25mm.
Parboiled rice sorting: We can sort out black and burned grains, discolored, black spotted. And any others defective grains.

Rice quality laboratory testing:

  • Grain Composition, types and grades of rice
  • Rice Defects
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Amylose content and moisture content
  • Milling degree and Milling period
  • Admixture of other non-glutinous rice varieties
  • Alkali Test, Non-radioactivity test, DNA test, GMO test
  • Aflatoxin B1and B2, and G1 andG2
  • Pesticide residue analysis

Rice Processing Flowchart

Order confirmed and Service Order receipt received
SA contacts supplier for Jute/PP material samples for bags
Packing material finalised
Provide bag design for printing to supplier
Supplier submit final printed bag sample
Final Bag Check Parameters:
1. Bag size as per specs
2. Uniformity in color/shade to match pantone shades
3. Check ink solubility by soaking printed portion in water for 2 hrs.
4. Check printed text & design on bag
5. Check fine & straight cutting of jute bag
6. Check jute quality Dalhousie for brown & Kamal Hatti for bleached jute bags
7. Check U shape stitching for master jute bag
8. Check 2 ply nylon thread used for bags stitching
9. Check Strong & parallel stitching in 5&10kg bags on left & right side
10. Check double stitching on inner & outer side of handle
11. Check barcode tag on bag
12. Check long strip in 5, 10, 20 & 40 kg jute bags
13. Check HDPE liner with holes in 5&10 kg bags
14. Check 9 holes in 5kg, 12 holes in 10 kg and 18 holes in 20kg bag of 4-5mm size holes.
15. Barcode should be readable with no overlapping
16. Refresh screens in screen printing to avoid misprinting & color spreading.