RICE : Highly digestible and the least allergenic of all grains. In addition rice is naturally sodium– and cholesterol-free, has just a trace of fat, and contains no trans fat.

Rice is a solution for healthy eating on a budget. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall diet or lose a few rupees, there’s one choice that stands out for its healthfulness, value and versatility: Rice
1. White Rice is Nutrient‐Enriched. White rice is fortified with the B‐vitamin folic acid, which helps prevent birth defects and may reduce the risk of early miscarriage. Folic acid has benefits throughout the life cycle, including protection against heart disease, certain cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. One cup of enriched rice provides 92 micrograms (mcg) of the recommended 400 mcg/day folic acid, which is 23% of the Daily Value. Other nutrients in enriched rice are niacin, thiamin and iron.
2. Rice and Improved Diet Quality: Rice is natural, wholesome grain that is packed with vitamins and minerals including B‐vitamins, iron, potassium and fiber. In addition, when rice is enjoyed as part of a meal, it’s usually with lots of vegetables, beans or lean protein, as in a stir‐fry or rice bowl. Research shows those who eat rice also consume less saturated fat and added sugars; and have higher amounts of over 12 essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, folic acid, and other B‐vitamins
3. Rice Offers Top Value for the Food: A half-cup cooked serving of white rice costs only 10 rupees, and provides vitamins, minerals and nutrients. One kilogram of uncooked rice will make two kilogram of cooked enriched rice, so next time you make hamburgers, meatloaf or meatballs, replace a quarter of the meat with cooked enriched white rice or whole grain brown rice.
- Rice bowls and stir-fries with rice as the base plus lots of vegetables and lean protein are healthy economical meals. Sauce and seasoning add flavor.
- Rice cookers offers no-tend rice preparation. You can also use rice cookers with steamer inserts to prepare entire meals.